Which has a great SEO value – Absolute Links or Relative Links?

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Have you ever come across the words absolute link and relative link? Maybe no. We are more familiar with links and also do understands the needs of the link in SEO. Creating the brand name and getting a good search engine result in the SERP are some of the reasons for which the webmasters or the digital marketers cannot leave link strategy from their website. Today in theses article we will be not discussing links and their usefulness rather we will like to talk about the absolute link and relative link. Going deeper into it, we will start with elaborating the term absolute link and relative link then we will talk about which link is most preferred and useful.

What is the absolute link? A hyperlink that contains the full URL including the information needed for finding the particular site on the search engine. An absolute link contains the protocol that is being used such as the hypertext transfer protocol or File transfer protocol.

What is a relative link? Also a hyperlink, that takes the advantages of concept that the server knows the actual location of the document. In a relative link process, linking to another document that exists in the same directory is possible and thus there is no need to write the full URL. The file name can be written instead.

Though for many years there is being a debate between the relative link and the absolute link. People in the SEO get confused as which link to use and which to not. Both the links have significance and that too cannot be said false. Justifying which one is better, for years as per the SEO experts they consider using the absolute link over the relative links. It is also true that absolute link provides better SEO value than that of the relative SEO.

There are certain who believe that absolute links are better over the relative links. The reason that they suggest is much simpler. According to them while indexing your website in the search engine, there is the lesser potential of getting messed up in the case of the absolute link. There are certainly other advantages but still, some consider this reason to be enough for using the absolute link.

Secondly, some do also believe that while working with the relative link there is a chance of getting your domain hurt but with absolute links there is no condition where your domain, as well as your authority, can get hurt.   Due to the problem originated with RSS services and content scrapers there is a chance to check your content. In certain cases, the webmaster faces the problem with the backlinks. In this situation, it is preferred to have the absolute link over the relative link.

Absolute links are still considered as the best option than using the relative links. It is not at all said that relative links do not have any advantage. The efficiency of relative links is much faster than that of the absolute links.

This can be a never ending debate so we prefer to suggest the webmasters use the links according to their preference and resources.

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