Google defies All Reciprocal Links Concept

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The ranking of a website largely depends on earning of organic backlinks which are basically hyperlink obtained from the other websites. In no cases, there are any sureties that other will provide quality backlinks towards your site unless and until your website provides a worthy content in it. You can’t wait for a year long to get noticed by others in order to earn the backlinks and then to get the organic traffic to your site. In order to earn the backlinks, the clever webmasters have already found a way to resolve the issue. Yes, I am talking about reciprocal link concept.

What is a reciprocal link? It can be termed as an agreement done between two webmaster’s websites where they pass hyperlinks to each other website. Both the websites earn organic backlink through this process. There are several advantages of reciprocal links, dome of which are as follows;

  • It helps in increasing the traffic rate for both the websites.
  • For clicking on the reciprocal links, there can be certain numbers of visitors to your website who visits your website only.
  • It provides a quick access to the websites for the readers.
  • Search engine do count the number of links that are pointing to your websites
  • Search engine result largely depends on the links that the website contains. The higher the numer of hyperlinks on the website, the higher it will rank in the search engine result page.

On account of all the advantages provided by the hyperlinks, the webmasters used to sign the reciprocal links agreement. For many years reciprocal links are being considered as an important part in the strategies of building inbound links. Webmasters used to receive a great benefit from reciprocal links.

The latest news in the reciprocal link is that Google will from now onwards provide discounts on all reciprocal links. In order to maximize the inbound links number, the Google algorithm is being altered so as to know the link exchange between two websites.

The true concept of Google algorithm is to rank those sites which earn quality backlinks through their quality content. Whereas reciprocal links defy this concept of Google algorithm by their agreement made between two webmasters. Google does not like the earning of links through providing links to others.

According to some of the expert of SEO, they say that Google is now capable of identifying the linking scheme that is three ways that mean first website links to the second website, Second website links to the third link and the third web site links to the first website. No confirm the news to prove the above statement right is not made yet by Google but still the search engine experts suggest that reciprocal links should not be the centered of the strategies of inbound links. Maybe in the recent year’s reciprocal links can be considered as wastage of time rather the main focus should be given on creating the unique quality links.

If you do want to have a high ranking in the search engine then focus on creating quality content with lots of resources in it rather focusing on reciprocal links.

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