Is Anchor Text Still Important in Back-links?

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Have you felt the role of Google in understanding the relevance of your website?  If you are playing online then you must be aware of the increasing role of Google as the search engine. Google has become the center for searching online and at the same time, it also helps the developer to prove the importance of their website. People use Google to solve their queries and in the same attempt, it is also used to know the relevance of a website.

For those who had gone through a detailed study in obtaining a good result in search engine had realized the need of the anchor text in the SEO. So before continuing with our discussion, it is needed to know the basic of anchor text.

Anchor text can be termed as the visible hypertext that can be clicked also. Anchor text helps in determining the ranking of the page in the search engine. The normal size of an anchor text can be less than 60 characters. Anchor text is displayed differently in different web browsers. Anchor text is being analyzed by the search engine.  Anchor text plays a vital role in the SEO and thus strongly impact on the ranking of the website in the search engine. Using the anchor text correctly can help you in climbing on the ranking scale whereas adverse effect can also be seen if used without any knowledge.

What are the types of Anchor text?

There are 6 types of anchor text that can be:

  1. Exact match: Keywords that links to the page completely are known as exact match anchor text.
  2. Partial match: The keywords may not match exactly but contains a keyword variation that may link to the page.
  3. Branded: Using the brand name as the anchor text.
  4. Naked link: When an URL is used as an anchor text.
  5. Generic: Anchor text is the generic word or phrases.
  6. Image: when the image is used as an anchor text.

Anchor text as said earlier that it plays an important role in ranking of the website in the search engine.  The most important factor of anchor text is that it helps in creating backlinks. Anchor texts that are created to link any other page of your website help in creating valuable backlinks. Anchor text is used as the SEO’s integral part.  Good quality backlinks help in climbing the ranking of the search engine page. According to some of the experts, links should be used as one of the factors for ranking of the webpage in the search engine.

You need to attach to the anchor text to any other text that is relevant to the page. Your anchor text should not be like that it links to any other page that contains no text. So be sure to attach your anchor text such that the anchor text links to any other page on the web page that contains some relevant links.

Anchor text is very important for any web page to rank high in the search engine. So, never dare to forget to anchor text properly.

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